MUDET, Alba Truffle Museum

Ultima modifica 9 settembre 2023

MUDET con tartufo rotondo

The concept

The Alba Truffle Museum has its roots in the Maddalena Courtyard, in the heart of the city where the International Alba White Truffle Fair takes place.


530 square meters that tell the story all year round of the various facets of an extraordinary product of the earth: the naturalistic, historical, cultural and gastronomic aspects of an underground mushroom that over the years has been able to establish itself worldwide.
The museum itinerary. The MUDET is part of the building surrounding the Cortile della Maddalena, a historic city complex that overlooks the central street, Via Vittorio Emanuele.

The museum is spread over 140 meters of exhibition itinerary divided into four thematic sections. The ten rooms include a laboratory space and tell the story of the world of truffles through 140 meters of thematic graphic illustrations, multimedia devices and the collection of over fifty thematic objects on display.

The Scientific Technical Committee

The Alba Truffle Museum is a work created by the City of Alba with the support of the Piedmont Region, the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation and the collaboration of the National Truffle Studies Center, the Piedmontese Regional Enoteca Cavour, the Municipality of Montà d 'Alba and the Alba Fair Authority.

We also thank Professor Paola Bonfante, Professor Piercarlo Grimaldi, Professor Silvano Montaldo, Antonio Degiacomi, Isabella Gianicolo, Mauro Carbone, Stefano Mosca, Barbara Giorio, Erika Fogliati, Silvano Valsania and Luciano Tona for their collaboration and research activities.

Opening times and tickets

The Alba Truffle Museum will open on 14 October 2023 and you can buy your ticket.

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